Deity: Then and Now

I admit I am fascinated by the mythos of the Secret Gospel of John.  In it, you start out with the Divine Presence... who seems to me to be utterly fluid, the impersonal presence of the Divine.  From this Divine One springs Barbelo and a whole host of Aeons.  These Aeons can be looked at various ways.  They are gods or aspects of the Divine Monad.  The One burst into the Many and the great adventure of Modern Gnosticism is to make that journey of the many back into the One.

It is here that I can "grok" what many modern Neo-Pagans are saying.  I see the Masculine-Feminine side of the divine found in Wicca.  I see the many found in other belief systems.  I see the spirit of life in all things in animism and the presence of the impersonal Divine of the Pantheists.

Being Gnostic has opened so many doors for me.  I can see a million faces of the Divine - God and Goddess, Father, Mother, Lover, Sister, Brother, Impersonal, Personal, Perfect, Imperfect, Wild, Chaotic, Peace all of these.

Could there be anything better?


  1. Agree, Br. Jay!

    I can't think of anything better than what we have to look forward to! And in the meantime we pray for those who do not see the complex beauty in our creation and struggle. Maybe someday they will remove their blindfold and stop living in fear.


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