The Questions

My bishop has asked these questions within our schools of thought/traditions within our church.  He asked me to consider these questions from a Thomasine Perspective..trying to answer what the tradition would say, and not my own personal take.

So I will utilize the Thomasine/Syrian Writings:  The Gospel of Thomas as a primary and earliest texts, but also The Acts of Thomas, The Book of Thomas the Contender, Odes of Solomon and The Hymn of the Pearl.

Here are the questions I will be going over and reflecting on before I write up something official for him.  I invite you the reader to join in the dialogue as I write on these.  I only as that you be respectful. :)

What is God?
What is Gnosis?
What is Man?
What role do mediators play (angels, etc.)?
What is the Community?
What is Scripture? How is scripture to be used?
What is the defining characteristic of the traditions approach to the cultivation of Gnosis?
What is worship?
What role is does liturgy play in worship and the cultivation of Gnosis?
What are the ethics of the tradition?
How does the tradition answer the problem of suffering?
What is death? How does the tradition approach the issue of death and dying? 


  1. How did I totally miss those questions?! So glad to stumble across your blog Bird. It always inspires me. (now off to check a certain section in which I might have some questions to answer)


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