Question One Continued...

As I continue to reflect on the question of "What is God to a Thomasine?" I  find myself seeking to clarify my earlier statements.  I think for a Thomasine, the way we see God is through Jesus.  I would also clarify that when I use terms like Trinity, I am not necessarily meaning the orthodox definition of Trinity.  God is seen as Father and Mother.  But Jesus seems to have come from God.  Was he created or emmanated at some point in history?  It very well could be.  It is as if the Son, the "Cosmic Christ" existed in the heart of God as a "part" of God and took flesh or embodied in the person of Jesus.  I know not all Thomasines see Jesus as God, yet I think to be faithful to the scripture, one would have see Jesus as a huge part of the Thomasine faith.  I have come to be convinced both through the scriptures and my own UPG (unverified personal gnosis) that Jesus is in some way divine.


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