Do modern Gnostics believe in grace?  I think they do.  I do.  For me the whole process of gnosis is grace from start to finish.  Just to realize there is more to life than meets the eye is a grace.  To open up to the revelation that I am a son of God is a grace.  To live as a child of God is a grace.  Jesus, our older brother is sent of God...emanating from the very heart of God to seek us out.  So many of us are asleep, drunk or blind, but for those with ears to hear he invites us back.  Remember where you came from. Remember.
That is grace.
Persistent Grace.
And this calling as a son returning to his Father, his Mother is also offered another metaphor...of entering the bridal chamber with one's beloved.  We are called.
To Union
To Life
To Awaken
Nothing But.


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