The more I think on it, the more I believe that the path I am following is Vedanta. The Gospel of Thomas teaches the same kind of teachings as the rest of Hinduism.  I spent three years as a monk under a guru and many more years as a Hindu.  While the guru was corrupt, the teachings of Vedanta were not.  God, guru, and Self are one.  I think I have made the mistake of trying to form a type of Thomasine Vedanta, when in reality it is all simply Vedanta.  God speaks in a ten thousand ways with ten thousand faces.  Through Jesus, Krishna, the Divine Mother, and through The Gospel of Thomas.  God has given me many gurus.  Some whose teachings may be purer than others, and yet God can speak through any of these.  I believe that to know ourselves as children of realizing the Self in all things is what liberation is.  I have clung to the Thomasine label, scared to let go and dive back in the full waters of Vedanta.  I have been trying to create Vedanta apart from Vedanta.  Maybe it is time to let go.  Just let the waters take me where they will and relax into the grace of God.


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