New Moon

Last night I went out under the new moon.  The heat of the day was still there, just not as intense, threatening to drive everyone indoors.  No, there was a bit of a breeze, yet there was no denying it was summer.  The night sky dark moon was hidden completely, yet the starts sparkled like a thousand ancestors watching over the earth.  The new moon to me represents beginnings.  The ending of something and the beginning of something new.  My vacation is over and I will be in a new space with a new team in my job.  It is a promotion, but it still makes me nervous.  I whisper my hopes like prayers to the new moon.  Prayers for health and protection for me and mine.  Prays for the earth and our nation.  My fears have accompanied me out there, like an old familiar friend.  They are my sacrificial offering.  I offer my fears, my worries...sacrifice them for a better future.


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