How to Approach the Teacher

So how does one approach Jesus?  Is the the infallible guru to whom you must surrender your every thought?  Is he one seeking your worship and adoration?  According to our scripture, The Gospel of Thomas, both of these answers are a resounding "no".  Jesus comes as a teacher and yet not a teacher.  He simply comes bearing witness by simply being light.  He does not want his students to sit with bated breath at his every word as if it were some mental masturbation wherewith one may derive intense self pleasure.  Rather he challenges his disciples, those who choose to learn under him, to taste and find out if what he says is true.  Yes, he does challenge those who follow him to change their consciousness.  He requires his students to know themselves if they want this realization that he has experienced.  He has merged with that light of Brahman..the Father.  He has realized his oneness.  He challenges his students to do the same.  Without realization...what I call gnosis, his students came from the light, but are not yet that light.

Jesus comes to us as an enlightened master, not to be worshipped nor to checking your brains at the door in following him.  Rather he is a wisdom teacher whose words  you can find true within yourself.


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