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New Moon

Last night I went out under the new moon.  The heat of the day was still there, just not as intense, threatening to drive everyone indoors.  No, there was a bit of a breeze, yet there was no denying it was summer.  The night sky dark moon was hidden completely, yet the starts sparkled like a thousand ancestors watching over the earth.  The new moon to me represents beginnings.  The ending of something and the beginning of something new.  My vacation is over and I will be in a new space with a new team in my job.  It is a promotion, but it still makes me nervous.  I whisper my hopes like prayers to the new moon.  Prayers for health and protection for me and mine.  Prays for the earth and our nation.  My fears have accompanied me out there, like an old familiar friend.  They are my sacrificial offering.  I offer my fears, my worries...sacrifice them for a better future.

Simple Altar

I have an altar with all kinds of statues on it. Each one representing something different.  Jesus, Mary and St. Jude are there.  So is Krishna and Sophia.  The Morrigan and an African statue. I honor them not so much for any religious meaning, but for the symbols they are.  They represent spirits of mercy, kindness, miracles, divinity in all things, strength and protection.  In asking for their boons, I offer flowers, water, and incense regularly.  It is a simple thing, and yet it is a part of me.


They say that confession is good for the soul, and I suppose it is.  I have something that I have tried to write for several days now, and each time ditch what I wrote. You see, I have this blog.  Yes, THIS blog.  It was all about that mystical text the Gospel of Thomas.  It is a fascinating text that I have studied for several years now, and I decided to write a personal commentary of my exploration of all 114 sayings.  I found it to be a riveting journey.  It was when I finished that the big experience happened.  I got it. I totally internally "got" what the teaching was telling me.  I am not saying this to brag.  I am not telling you this to gloat.  Hell, I don't think I did any thing to experience it.  But I did.  And with that, I no longer needed the Gospel of Thomas.  My 6 to 7 year romance with it died like the flowers I left my first girlfriend, who was in love with my best friend.

Suddenly I understood and experienced what the GoT taught, and I honestly did not …


They say that confession is good for the soul.  If that is the case then I am about to do some of that good stuff.  When I completed blogging about the


The more I think on it, the more I believe that the path I am following is Vedanta. The Gospel of Thomas teaches the same kind of teachings as the rest of Hinduism.  I spent three years as a monk under a guru and many more years as a Hindu.  While the guru was corrupt, the teachings of Vedanta were not.  God, guru, and Self are one.  I think I have made the mistake of trying to form a type of Thomasine Vedanta, when in reality it is all simply Vedanta.  God speaks in a ten thousand ways with ten thousand faces.  Through Jesus, Krishna, the Divine Mother, and through The Gospel of Thomas.  God has given me many gurus.  Some whose teachings may be purer than others, and yet God can speak through any of these.  I believe that to know ourselves as children of realizing the Self in all things is what liberation is.  I have clung to the Thomasine label, scared to let go and dive back in the full waters of Vedanta.  I have been trying to create Vedanta apart from Vedanta.  Maybe it i…

Meditation and Other Spiritual Practices

Interestingly enough in the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus does not set down a list of religious practices for his students to follow.  Instead he challenges them with the notion to be authentic.  If you do religious practices while wishing you did not have to.. he lets you off the hook.  "Do not do what you hate.  Do not lie" he says.  Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas is not one who supports nor neglects religion.  He seems to support what is skillful in remembering your true nature, and to disdain that which demeans the person.  How beautiful this teaching is.  How hard for someone who comes from a religion of works to deal with!

How to Approach the Teacher

So how does one approach Jesus?  Is the the infallible guru to whom you must surrender your every thought?  Is he one seeking your worship and adoration?  According to our scripture, The Gospel of Thomas, both of these answers are a resounding "no".  Jesus comes as a teacher and yet not a teacher.  He simply comes bearing witness by simply being light.  He does not want his students to sit with bated breath at his every word as if it were some mental masturbation wherewith one may derive intense self pleasure.  Rather he challenges his disciples, those who choose to learn under him, to taste and find out if what he says is true.  Yes, he does challenge those who follow him to change their consciousness.  He requires his students to know themselves if they want this realization that he has experienced.  He has merged with that light of Brahman..the Father.  He has realized his oneness.  He challenges his students to do the same.  Without realization...what I call gno…

Thomasine Vedanta -Jesus as Guru and Liberator

It goes without saying that the Gospel of Thomas presents Jesus in a way than is presented in modern Christianity.  For me this took a couple of years to finally realize that the Gospel of Thomas is not Christian..not any modern sense, nor really in any form throughout most of "Christian" history.  The Gospel of Thomas (GoT) is a text of the sayings of Jesus.  But the Jesus it presents is a wisdom teacher...more in line with Eastern Masters as found in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism.  I believe the GoT can best be applied and lived today with an understanding of Vedanta.  

Vedanta is derived from the teachings in the Upanishads.  In the Upanishads you find the core teachings of the guru or the teacher of the way of liberation, the soul, God, and meditation.  These teachings are also found in the Gospel of Thomas.

For a practitioner of the Thomasine Vedanta, the Guru is Jesus or Issa as proponents of the belief that Jesus was in India during part of his life.  I like to use Iss…