Passerby Vedanta - A Way on the Way

I have been contemplating designing system of practices and teachings that are based upon the Gospel of Thomas in a universalist way...a way that recognizes similar teachings in the teachings of the Buddha, the Upanishads, and the Bhagavad Gita.  I am convinced that the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas are same as the teachings found within Vedanta.  Vedanta originating in India and the fact that Thomas was reportedly martyred there are not lost on me.  I have decided to name this system of practices Passerby Vedanta.  Passerby because the GoT challenges us to never stop on this path. Vedanta because the way we travel on is the same as those who practice Vedanta.  I am a teacher and priest with a lineage and yet have largely neglected serving the people through teaching.  My work is done through service to children in poverty.  But I also feel that urge to teach.  And so I will.  I will share my way here.  Any who want to join in along the way with me are welcome.  Let's walk together.


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