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Another Model For Leadership

In my previous post, I pointed out the problem with leadership in how it has been utilized in many faith traditions and my own experience with some of the best and the worst of leaders in various traditions.  Yet, I will not disparage the need for spiritual leadership, I just think that it needs a radical transformation.  The model I would like to hold up is that of the soul friend-anamchara.  I hear this and think of the sayings in the Book of Proverbs in the Bible.. "Faithful are the wounds of a friend" and "As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another."
A spiritual friend is not one who lords over you.  They are not there to dictate every aspect of your life.  But they are there to challenge you, to help you face your own ego and faults and work to overcome them.  In fact, this can often work both ways.  You can do the same for them.  A model like this just seems so much more healthy than one that speaks from the top down from a leader who has no relation…

Two Religions in Every Religion

God is so much bigger than we think. So many people know God in this world, and yet something has gone terribly wrong. I think many religious leaders have resorted to a type of tribalism and have usurped these religions trading compassion, mercy, and tolerance for submission to the leader or the leader's interpretation of the religion. I have seen the beauty of several religions as a member, but I have also suffered at the hands of leaders within a couple of these religions. Having spent my teenage and much of my college years as a fundamentalist Christian, I believed wholeheartedly. But I suffered at the leader's hands suffering a humiliation by being excommunicated and shunned by them for who God made me. I fled to Roman Catholicism, having come to know several liberal, compassionate priests who cared for the poor, who taught me to find God in holy silence. I over the course of years became a monk, but did not last long having my first exposure to the other kind of Catho…

Children of a Lesser God

The message of the Gospel of Thomas is this: We are children of the living God. This God is a God who is bigger than any religion. Sadly so many want to follow a lesser God, a God that does not act like a Father or Mother but rather like a spiteful dictator. The message is so clearly portrayed in The Hymn of the Pearl, where the calling is to those who have forgotten who their Father/Mother remember their birthright. What is your God like?