I went out and sat in the yard a while taking in the super-moon.  This full moon was beautiful and cast a lovely light bluish shadow it seemed.  I love full moons.  I brought out a few objects for meditation and healing and allowed them to soak in her beautiful essence.  I offered a libation to her and prayed for family and friends during this time.  I renewed my own consecration to this path of direct revelation....a message I almost missed and yet was there time and again in the mystical text of the Gospel of Thomas. No wonder it did not make it in the orthodox Bible.  God conceived as Mother and Father with all of us as their children.  The message of the Gospel of Thomas is the path of direct revelation... no book (including the Gospel of Thomas itself) and no religion can give it to you.  It is that direct gnosis that must be experienced for oneself.  Does that mean books and religion are useless?  By no means, they can be helps for getting you there and reminding oneself of this gnosis of what it means to be Divine and a child of the Divine.  While I am a Thomasine, I am so much more than that as well.  Just Thomasine seems so limiting!  We are are all Children of God, taking the nature of the Divine.   So in this beautiful Edenic realization I am enjoying some time of spiritual exploration.


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