God our Mother...and Father

One of the things that is beautiful and fascinating to me in the Gospel of Thomas is the idea that God is Mother and Father.  Our first relationship is with our mother in her womb.  She knows us and has known us at our earliest stages.  She birthed us.  Our Mother and Father are our first primary relationships.  They know often know us better or as well as we know ourselves.  We share their nature.  This is the message of the Gospel of Thomas.  We are children of the Father and Mother.  We share their Divine Nature.  In fact, this divine nature, this divine spark can be seen within us.  This is the kingdom.  It can be seen in nature, in other people.  Like St. Francis and Rumi realized... all things are our relations.  We are brothers and sisters with all things.  We are lost in a dream longing to wake up.


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