Why I am not Muslim

I feel a certain affinity for Islam as I do for Judaism, perhaps even more so than Judaism.  I believe in the Oneness of God.  I believe Jesus is a messenger of God.  I too believe that each person is responsible for reading and interpreting the scriptures for themselves.  Just as imams are respected and chosen as the most educated, spiritual, and wise from among the community, I support a similar role for those who are the most educated, spiritual, and wise from among he Thomasine community.  I call these people Hakhams... wise or learned ones.  Where traditional Islam and Thomainses part ways is in their views of woman, gltb folk, and the certain penalites found for certain sins in Islam.  I can relate to so much within Islam.  I enjoy middle eastern music.  My prayers look very similar to a Muslims, and I would feel comfortable praying with them.  I agree with Islam that Jesus is a messenger of God but not God himself.  And yet there is still a strong sexism and homophobia within mainstream Islam that would keep me from joining this beautiful faith.


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