The Broken Jar

Jesus said, "The kingdom of our Father is like a woman who was carrying a clay jar full of meal. While she was walking along a long road, the handle broke off of the jar and the meal spilled behind her all along the road. She didn't know that the handle broke; she did not know there was a problem. When she arrived at home, she set down the jar and found out that it was empty."
Gospel of Thomas 97

It takes me about 20 minutes to get to work.  I have worked at the same wonderful job for several years.  My family lives in a very small town.  My mom thinks twenty minutes to get to work is a lifetime.  It does not seem very long to me.  Part of the reason is that more often than not I fall into a type of mindlessness while driving.  I think something similar has happened to the woman in this story.  She is walking home with this jar.  She was oblivious the handle broke off and the meal was spilling out.  The spark and the life of God is found in us.  We are able to live a life of wisdom and goodness due to this spark.  However, this spark must be kindled and attention must be kept focused on this spirit, which is the Holy Spirit our Mother.  If all a person does is read the passages in the GoT and does not live these words.  If that conscious, living, loving knowledge of God is not tended to regularly, we will be among those who lose.  We wind up spiritually empty.  This saying, in my current understanding is a warning to remain mindful, to remain awake.


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