My Thomasine Beliefs

1.  There is one God beyond description.    In the Gospel of Thomas the Holy Spirit is seen as the feminine/motherly face of God who is also seen as a Father.  However I maintain a strict belief in the oneness of God.
2.  Jesus was a spiritual leader and Jewish reformer. He sought to teach of a time when we all lived as children of God, no longer divided as male and female, Jew and Gentile akin to the first creation story in Genesis.  I believe he was a man who experienced gnosis of God, and was sent to share this message calling us all to know ourselves as children of God.
3.  My scripture is the Gospel of Thomas.  Other scriptures -the Jewish Bible, the New Testament, and Nag Hammadi scriptures are secondary only seen through the lens of the GoT.
4.  The primary message of Jesus is to know God, know ourselves as children of God, and all the cosmos bearing the light of God.
5.  Religious acts if done without a loving heart or to be seen by others are a sin.
6.  Because all people are seen as sons and daughters of God, they should be loved and protected.  This means to pursue social justice and equality for all people.
7.  The only holiday mentioned in our scripture is the Sabbath, which is a day of rest.  This references back to the creation story.  Again the emphasis of any religious action is the internal attitude rather than outward ritual.


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