My Birth Mother

Jesus said, "Whoever doesn't hate father and his mother as I do can't become my disciple. And whoever does not love his father and his mother as I do can't become a disciple to me. For my mother physical birth, but my true mother gave me life."  Gospel of Thomas 101

Following the way of Jesus is not the easiest path.  Like so many choices we make, this path can alienate one from ones biological family.  But when one's biological family, when ones race, heritage, nationality, or even religion come before the path, then the person must learn to not cling.  Attachments are the greatest impediment to a deeply spiritual life.  I am attached to my spouse....but really I cling to tightly to my image of my idea of who my spouse should be  (one who cleans when I want them to, takes me out to eat when I want it) is not really my spouse but a delusion of my mind.  It is selfishness within me my clinging to an illusion of who I want them to be. The same can be said of family...we can grow so attached to our expectations of them and their expectations of us or even perceptions of their expectations (whether real or some delusion since childhood) that we are unable to move beyond this.  Though Jesus uses harsh words here.  He does not say that they are an immature disciple or something like that.. he says they cannot be my simply is not possible at that time.

But then he goes on from cutting the apron strings that strangle us, he tells us about the Ru'ah HaKodesh.. the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah... She is our real mother...She is the feminine face of God who birthed our spirits.. our sparks from Her Holy Fire.  It is the desires and familiarity with this Mother that Jesus recommends.  Only when we come into right relationship with God can we learn who we are as children of God, healing our personal neurosis....Only from knowing ourselves as living children of God can we learn to love and see others as children of God as well.


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