About God in the Gospel of Thomas

I went through the Gospel of Thomas trying to find every time God was mentioned and described to see if a certain understanding of God may be present.  Here are the basic gists and where they are found.
  • God's kingdom is within and without us. Saying 3a
  • We are God's children. Saying 3b
  • God's kingdom must be entered. Saying 22
  • God forgives (thus implying sin or error). Saying 44
  • God is light, and we all came from that light. Saying 50 a,b
  • The Father can dwell in us. Saying 50c
  • The Father invites all people. Saying 64
  • God sent Jesus who was full of the light. Saying 61, 64, 65
  • To be near Jesus is to be near the Father. Saying 82
  • Jesus while full of the Father's light is not the Father Saying 100
  • God is Father as well as Mother. Saying 101, 105
  • God is not a human (ie not born of woman) Saying 15
God is uncreated. God is light.  From this light we were made, as sparks from a flame.  This spark is God within us.  God is Spirit and yet relates to us as a Father and a Mother, yet God is not a human.  God sent Jesus with his message.  God invites us all to know his kingdom which is hidden in all things.  God will forgive all error except rejecting the Spirit present in us and hidden in all things.  God invites us as sparks to return to his fire...to bring the lights back into the Source of Light.  

This tells me that God is One.  God is not three in one but is one.  God is personal.  He relates to us as well as sending messengers.  He invites us to union with Him.  God is forgiving, and desires the best for us, his children.  


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