Why Are You Standing Outside? Come On In!

Jesus said, "If you seek, you will find. In the past, I did not tell you the things about which you asked me then. Now I am willing to tell them, but you are not seeking them." Gospel of Thomas 92

I remember my shock when seeing a mom with a baby in her arms and she was sharing a soda with the baby.  Not to be too harsh, but baby need so much nutrition when they are very small, and things such as diabetes is so rampant, I wonder why she would give her baby a soda pop.   But it is the same for many of us on the spiritual path.  We enter the path with tons of questions, wants, and needs.  But often the answers are not immediately forthcoming.  It takes years and years of spiritual practice to garner the insights and spiritual maturity that come with following a spiritual tradition.  Today in our era of instant gratification and McReligion shopping, people just are not willing to wait that long.  They jump from religion to religion digging so many shallow wells, none going very deep except in their deluded minds.  In this saying in the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus comments that his students had so many questions they could not handle the answers to at the beginning. Then after following him for several years, Jesus feels they would understand the deeper things of God, but they no longer care...they are not seeking them.  They are content with the foundation of the house and not the house itself.  I pray that each day that passes, God has mercy on me and helps me to remain open and always asking questions.


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