Wearing Your Depends?

Jesus said, "How despondent is the body that depends on a body, and how miserable is the soul that depends on these two." Gospel of Thomas 87

It is here that the Gospel of Thomas points out the basic outline of a human.  A person is made of a body, a soul, and the spirit.  The body is temporal.  It has desires and needs and is never truly satisfied.  It can get sick and die.  The soul is the mind and emotions.  This too is temporal.  One can change their mind or feel something different from day to day.  However what is left out but implied in this saying is to depend on the spirit.  This spirit within us is what descended from God.  The light we all came from....as spark from the living flame of God.  To depend on the body or even another person's body for enlightenment/gnosis is a farce.  Living with my wonderful spouse these 13 years makes me incredibly thankful but also much more aware that we will grow old. Some day one of us will pass away, leaving the other alone.  So I honor the present moment with them, knowing that is a gift on loan.  The soul can also be unquenchable.  I can read and study theology and world religions till I am old and grey and still not have a living revelation knowledge of God and self.  My "knowledge" is incomplete if one does not know God and self...this type of knowing is similar to Adam "knowing" Eve.  It is a union, a living completeness.  This can only be had through the Spirit within us.  It is bringing our body and soul, as much as possible in line with the spirit that we can live a life worth living...a life of joy and compassion.  How often I forget that!  How often do I stray from that living fountain!


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