The Thomasines, the Noachides and the Jew

Hi there, I hope everyone had a good Sabbath yesterday.  I have started a simple keeping of Sabbath simply as a day of rest and relaxation.  I have an enviable job working with the less fortunate and those in need throughout the week.  The Sabbath for me has become a time of resting and recharging my batteries so to speak.  Yeshua (Jesus) speaks of keeping the Sabbath as a sabbath in the Gospel of Thomas.  For some this may be a traditional Jewish Sabbath, and other Thomasines interpret this to a time and or place of rest.  For me at this time I keep it simple though I have thought of incorporating a simple Sabbath celebration on Friday night to mark the time.
Building on what I wrote about yesterday, I think Jesus established a new type of Judaism.  Whether he meant to or not, I do not know.  It may not even be appropriate to call it a Judaism yet I think elements of it are there while others are discarded.  Perhaps he was the worlds first Reform Jew! (hee hee)  But out of respect for my Jewish brothers and sisters, I will call this movement by the term Thomasine, which was a community of Jews and Gentiles who followed the mystic rabbi called Yeshua (translated as Joshua/Jesus).  This community was first made up of talmidim, disciples or students of the rabbi.  This group, tradition says, was made up of a motley sort of folks.  Zealots, prostitutes, tax-collectors, fishermen and the like.  It seems he rejected none.   Men and women, Jews and gentiles seemed to come to him and to respect him.  Many followed him and became his students.  This rabbi seemed to re-interpret the Torah often in radical ways.  He reached out to those who were on the outskirts..the rejected, the lowly and such.  It seemed that he did not think highly of circumcision as there were plenty who were circumcised who did not live holy lives. So even these righteous Gentiles (Noahides) were invited in what he said and did.  In fact, much of the ritual aspects of Judaism, he pointed out could be done without the heart.  And without the heart, it would be better to not do it.
I think the earliest community of Thomasines were made up of men and women, Jews and Gentiles.  I think some kept the law.  I think some kept parts of it.  I think some did not.  They saw themselves as one people, going back to the undivided first human in Genesis..made in the image and likeness of God.  The law or even parts of it could be helpful, but not required of all.  Over time I think more and more Gentiles joined, and with the destruction of the temple, the Jewish aspects were lessened.  Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas speaks to a Jewish and Noahide community who would know the Torah to some degree...and yet his words are as a messenger re-uniting them not under Torah or even Noah but under undivided Adam.  Children of Humanity as Children of God.  The first law is to live authentic lives, to know ourselves, to avoid hypocrisy, and to love and protect others like the pupil of our eye.  It is this law taught by Jesus according to the Gospel of Thomas.


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