Hey Wash This Cup Too!

Jesus said, "Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Don't you understand that the one who made the outside is also the one who made the inside?" Gospel of Thomas 89

With New Years here and January underway, I am reminded of when I worked at a gym while in college.  They would count on a flood of memberships in January, knowing that many of them signing up in zeal would not keep coming by February or March.  These memberships were not cheap.  How many of us go to extremes to look attractive.  People dye their hair, pay big money for weaves or tummy tucks.  We care so much and will pay to extremes for the outside that will grow old, get sick and die.  It is simply the way of things for the flesh.  However how little real work we will put in to clean the inside of us.  To overcome things such as rage, the need to be right, to be judgmental , or simple sloth or gluttony.  That it is easier for me to read a piece of good fiction than to spend a few moments in scripture or even offering a prayer to God. God made our bodies.  But God also made our souls and spirits. What a challenge to make it a daily habit to nurture those as well.


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