Hey! Give it Back!

Jesus said, "The messengers and the prophets will come and give you what belongs to you. You, in turn, give them what you have, and say to yourselves, 'When will they come and take what belongs to them?'" Gospel of Thomas 88

A teacher in a school does what he or she does as an investment.  They plant seedlings of knowledge, life skills and such with a hope that their students will learn the information and internalize it, that they may grow up to be educated functioning members of society.  It can be a heartbreak for a teacher to find out a student has dropped out, gotten pregnant before leaving high school, or spends their life working in a fast food restaurant. So it is with the messengers of God.  There are those who have a word for us.  God can speak through any person, circumstance or through nature.   To be a messenger or prophet is to be one who speaks this word from God to another.  We too are called to be open to share the truths we have learned.  Not in a way akin to many evangelicals and fundamentalists, but in a more open way.  More of a personal sharing rather than with any desire to convert the individual.  The Thomasine path is not about acquiring converts but allowing people to know themselves and the kingdom of God they find within and without.  But this saying challenges us to go deeper...when we  have been given the message- when we have been given truth...what do we do with it?  Do we internalize it and allow it to change ourselves into the sacred twin...bringing the body and soul in line with the spirit?   Or like those students mentioned...do we hear it but do not allow it to take root within us.  What will the messengers of God find when they come?   I only hope they will be pleased.  And what a wake up call to keep doing the work!


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