Another Theory on Thomasine Origins

Sorry to bore any readers going on with this.  I just find this speculation fun and fascinating. :)
In the Gospel of Thomas... there is a constant reference to Genesis -specifically the first chapter and first two verses of the 2nd chapter, commonly called the first creation story.  There are references to the Sabbath, circumcision, as well as other Jewish groups.  I think Jesus was a Jew.  However I think he was a reformer and a mystic.  He taught a way that included Gentiles, shunned the need for circumcision and rejected the law rather pointing to a more universal time...the time of creation where the man and woman and all all nature were created by God as very good.  There is in Jesus teaching a view that the Jews are the chosen ones.  Instead, Jesus welcomes all humanity back to the beginning where there was God..then the light...from the light came all creation, and humanity made in God's image.  Then the Sabbath which was simply a time of rest.  So Jesus calls us to remember to know this once again.  To go backwards to the beginning of time...rather than to look for end times.  I see Jesus and his followers as Jews but not a group that would identify as Pharisees or any other of the groups, but rather a middle way that shunned certain teachings and traditions of Judaism.  The Thomasines who followed him were not a traditional Jewish community nor part of the proto-orthodox Christian nor fully Gnostic but rather a proto-Gnostic.  They walk in that middle place.  They had Jewish members and came from Judaism, and yet opened up to Gentiles without requiring circumcision.  They celebrated a type of Sabbath but did not look back to Moses or Abraham as their founder, but rather Adam and Eve or even God themselves as the founder of their religion.  Anyway, this is some fun ideas I have been playing with.


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