A Pig Wearing Pearls

Jesus said, "Don't offer what is sacred to the dogs, lest they cast it upon the dunghill. Don't toss pearls to swine, lest they turn into [mud]."  Gospel of Thomas 93

The Thomasine path is not one of strong evangelizing.  It is not one of altar calls or laying tracts instead of tips for waitresses.  Rather the practice of knowing who you are, a child of the God beyond all comprehension is the point of our path.  Of course with this is the protecting of our brothers and sisters of humanity who are trampled under the feet of larger society.  In fact, all people are children of God.  However not all people are going to respond to the Thomasine message.  And as far as the Gospel of Thomas goes...that is fine.  There  is no mention of a hell for those who do not awaken.  In fact, in one of the sayings in the GoT, the mature fish are taken up and those not mature are allowed to go back to the sea.  To me this implies a type of reincarnation of some type, with a promise that none shall be lost.  So rather than force our teachings on people unwilling or unable to respond to it, we are allowed to simply love them without any ulterior motive of trying to convert them.  In my life, being a Thomasine, I do not hide it...but only share with those who ask...just like I might expect a pantheist, Jew, or Buddhist to share if I ask about their path.  


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