Winter Solstice

Tuesday is the night of the Winter Solstice and a Lunar Eclipse. The last time this has happened was 456 years ago.

Over the past few months I have grown in my appreciation of the solstices and equinoxes. They seem almost to be natural holidays. My friend Shilo have talked of ways to bring a celebration of these days into our lives. (Hi Shilo!)

The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. Winter is a time of introspection for me as is. Perhaps being cooped up in the house more leads to that. Knowing the year is wrapping up, I reflect on it. Have I grown? Was I a good person? Have I made the world a better place?

So the winter solstice reminds me of the times of darkness in my life. It reminds me of the times in my life where I have experienced intense suffering. It carries a promise. The promise is that even when suffering feels endless or I see my same faults creep up again and again, that it will pass. Everything changes. The light of gnosis and grace will shine in those places too...and that sometimes one must wait.


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