Breast Feeding and Other Matters of Spirit

A woman in the crowd said to Jesus, "How blessed is the womb that bore you and the breasts that fed you." Jesus replied, "Blessed instead are those who have heard the word of the Father and have truly kept it. For there will be days when you will say, 'Blessed are the womb that has not conceived and the breasts that have not given milk.'" Gospel of Thomas 79

In this saying, Jesus puts down any specialness about himself or his mother.  Instead, he suggests that those who hear God are the ones who are blessed.  How do we hear God?  How do we have ears to hear that still small voice?  I believe the best way to know yourself and to hear God is through meditation and contemplation.  It is only in silence that the voice of God can be heard.  It is only in meditation that we learn to observe the mind and lay aside distraction after distraction like peeling away layers of an onion. When we have done the work then over time we come to know ourselves and God for we are sons and daughters of God..We came from the light and share the nature of the light.  We are sparks from the Holy Fire of God.  When we achieve such a realization we are free from the flesh. 


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