Adam....Where is Your Leaf?

Jesus said, "Adam came from immense power and wealth, but he wasn't worthy of you. If he was worthy, he wouldn't have tasted death." Gospel of Thomas 85

Adam came from God, and yet he chose to fall into ignorance.  The death is the blindness of the soul to that of the spirit.  He forgot where he came from, and who he was.  The practice of this way is not easy.  It is much easier to fall into ignorance again and again.  What a challenge to keep this fire going day and night.  Only those who pursue this gnosis will taste of it.  One need not convert to my religion or any particular religion to know this gnosis.  However one must do the work and be met by grace that changes everything about you.  The fruit of this is compassion.


  1. It is tiring, too. And when we take breaks there's always something in our life, some obstacle or problem we've created in our lives, which brings us back to the question, "who are we?"

    Re-learning old truths is painful sometimes. But the All has a tremendous amount of compassion for us.

    Thank you.


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