Thomasine Universalism

One of the things I love about the modern Thomasine path is that it is truly universalist.  It does not try to set up a religion but allows the individual to follow the religion of his or her choice (or not to be religious as well).  The primary message is that we came from the light.  We are all sons and daughters of God.  In knowing ourselves, we will begin to know God.  This worlds systems are corrupt and dehumanizing, so protect your brother or sister like the pupil of your eye.  Belief in the divinity of Jesus or any of the stories told about him (his miracles, virgin birth, sacrifice etc.) are not required and yet allowed if one so believes in these things.  So by all means there could be Jewish Thomasines, Quaker Thomasines, Muslim Thomasines, Neo-Pagan Thomasines, Christian Thomasines...  The Gospel of Thomas, in my humble opinion is a truly universalist text!


  1. Perfect post Fr.Jay. :) I agree 100%

  2. Bro. Jay wrote, "The Gospel of Thomas, in my humble opinion is a truly universalist text!"

    I agree. If I were a Thomasine, I think I would simply be a Thomasine, no modifiers to that required.


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