Oneness/Trinitarian Thomasines

I wanted to post here a couple more types of Thomasines. However they could fall within either the monachos or the ecclesial spectrum. Keep in mind that regardless of these differences in the descriptions I use (monachos/ecclesial/oneness/trinitarian) that they are one family. The differences do not keep them from wonderful discussions and recognizing each others as brothers and sisters in the faith. In fact, by the end of this post, I think you will see the differences are very minor and minuscule indeed.

Oneness Thomasines are strict monotheists. They believe in one God in the way their Jewish and Muslim brothers and sisters do. God is not divided into a trinity but is simply one God. This God could be called Father or Mother but in reality these are just terms of affection. They believe Jesus was a man, perhaps a messenger, perhaps a prophet but still a man who awakened...much like the Buddha. They follow Jesus as their spiritual teacher and seek to live by his words in the Gospel of Thomas but their devotion and love go to God alone. They interpret verses that at first glance to portray Jesus as divine in light of the pinnacle of the Gospel of Thomas where Thomas is considered Jesus equal and teacher, and by Jesus' own words makes Jesus no longer his teacher, as he has realized the truth himself.

Trinitarian Thomasines view Jesus as somehow divine. I should clarify that they may or may not hold the full view of the trinity that orthodox Christians often hold. They may believe that God sent the Logos or the Logos/Sophia to fill Jesus at his birth/baptism, or even in a manner akin to the incarnation as found in Luke or Matthew. In whatever way they interpret a type of divinity to Jesus, they may have no problem praying to him or seeing God in him. They could often view Jesus akin to a divine guru or avatar as found in Hinduism.

Though these are differences, the similarities between the two groups should never be a point of contention. They both honor and hold the Gospel of Thomas close to their hearts in love and devotion. They both honor Jesus as an enlightened teacher whether divine or not. They both love the Father. They both strive to do good works. They both seek to become a twin of Jesus.


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