Let's Race To The Fields!

Jesus said, "The crop is huge but there are so few who will work, so plead with the one in charge of harvesting to dispatch the workers to the fields." Gospel of Thomas 73 

I remember when I was first learning to try to live the message of the Gospel of Thomas, that I asked person after person what it meant.  I read commentary after commentary.  I felt like a man dying of thirst in the desert.  The next stage was where I would venture interpretations of the scriptures but then quickly seek validation for it through books and others more learned for myself.  Sadly, the Gospel of Thomas is not so well known to have many teachers or guides.  Even fewer are those who make the GoT their primary scripture.  I believe that its message is life changing and many people would find their lives a better place if they would know of it.  The GoT does not condemn ANY person.  Each person is a son or daughter of God.  We are called to do the work to realize and live that.  The kingdom of God is seen in every person and nature itself.  It is not a gospel that divides between you and me, saved, and unsaved. It sees us all together with the divine presence in our midst.  Lets take a moment to ask God to send folks out with the message of the Gospel of Thomas.  For Thomasine ministers, priests, evangelists, monks and nuns.  For those trying to find insight into it.  May God whose Spirit fills all things, send for laborers into the harvest.


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