Jesus said, "God, there are many around the drinking trough, but there is no water in the well."  Gospel of Thomas 74

What is interesting about this saying is that it is an example of Jesus praying.  This is one of those sayings that can be meditated on daily for a month and one may only scratch the surface of meaning.  There are many around the drinking trough.  So many are spiritually thirsty, both in and outside organized religion.  I have belonged to churches who simply want to be a bit of a social club or committed to a certain social justice issues but does little or nothing for those who want to go deeper into spiritual matters.  I ask myself...what is the point?  My compassion and passion for social justice stems from a living relationship with God.  Otherwise I would burn out quickly.  There are also people who dig shallow wells here and there, looking into a multitude of religions and spiritualities, but they don't stay long, finding reasons to move on.  They did shallow wells and not deep enough to reach the water.  But in this saying Jesus says there are people around the implies that they are thirsty, and waiting, hoping, praying for water.   But there is no water in the well.  Is it that they have hit a point in their life when having developed a practice of meditation/contemplation with God would have helped them...but the had not, and thus do not have that strength to lean on?  Is it the person who would be spiritually provided for but the leaders have blocked the way with unnecessary rules, regulations and sanctions such as being considered a rebel, heretic or outcast?  Perhaps Jesus was looking at the pharisees who rejected the outcasts...they were the thirsty and being kept from drink.  I have to ask if I do that in my own life.  Are those I consider "beneath" me?  Are there second rate people?


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