Burning Down the House!

Jesus said, "I will destroy this house, and no one will be able to build it."  Gospel of Thomas 71

The gospels in the New Testament have this saying in conjunction to the Temple and as a foreshadowing of Jesus crucifixion and resurrection.  Yet I want to throw out another idea...one of many which could be made from meditating on this saying.  We came into this world unprogrammed.  As a baby or young child, we did not care what brand our clothes were, what color our friends were, or anything like that.  But as we grow older, we learn to distinguish this from that....I want this and I do not want that.  We buy into the worldly system that makes our lives and often the lives of others a living hell.  We are idiots buying into the commercialization of brand names and wanting more and more and more.  What if the spiritual life is tearing down that buildup of brainwashing we are participants in?  What if the house we destroy is our buying into a system that dehumanizes us, those around us, and even nature itself?  I say lets do it, and see what happens!


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