The Curse of the Shiny Things!

Jesus said, "If you bring forth what is deep within you, what you draw up will free you. If you do not recognize that within you, what you do not have within you destroy you."  Gospel of Thomas 70

There is an old tale I heard that to distract a fairy from cursing you, offer it something shiny.  It is the way of so many of us to chase after the latest shiny thing, to totally involve ourselves with it and then when another shiny comes our way, we chase after it.  Thus we dig all these shallow wells, instead of digging deep within, and from that place honor the thing that distract us.  Instead we uproot ourselves, shed our previous distraction only to play that game again and again.  When I left my fundamentalist past, I spent years on years doing this.  I would explore a religion like a shiny thing.  I would follow that religions structures, prayers, rituals, read their books etc.  I would appear like an enthusiastic convert so to speak....only it would last for a short while...then another religion would catch my interest and I would conveniently point out the human flaws in the first while racing toward the second only to repeat the process again and again.  I learned a lot about religions, and their practices etc.  What I missed was the depth that comes from belonging to a faith tradition for years upon years.  I was like the guy with a girl but always having his eye on the door for the next best thing to come through the door.  I was not really developing anything was a shallow well, which is what we all start with when considering changing faiths.  But to really practice a faith requires dedication, pursuing when the religion begins to seem mundane, boring and oh so human and flawed.  Those great mystics of the various world religions only were able to move mountains, perform miracles, and face injustice head on after being grounded in their tradition.  The challenge of the spiritual life as mentioned in this saying of Jesus, is to dig find that interior place of silence where you dont have to have the perfect family, life, religion, or what have you.  But to find that place within where the Beloved Dwells.  When you draw up that bucket and drink deeply and profoundly you will be changed. 


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