Persecuting Yourself

Jesus said, "How blessed are those who have been persecuted within their hearts: those who have experienced this are the ones who have truly come to know the Father. Blessed are those who go hungry, so the stomach of the one in want may be filled."
Gospel of Thomas 69

Another amazing saying!  Here Jesus is not speaking of persecution coming from without, but rather about persecution from within.  This is the mark of true spiritual maturity.  So many claim to be spiritual but really have no internal discipline.  They like to profess to be spiritual, when in fact they have no regular spiritual practice.  I know for me, in trying to sit in contemplative prayer, my mind and body will try to find a million excuses why I am too tired, too antsy, too anything and thus should not, sit.  It will rationalize why this sitting will not be useful.  Like a child throwing a tantrum, it does not want to calm.  It may only be in the final moments of my sitting that I am simply at rest with God...those few moments are worth it all.  How blessed are those who are internally spiritual in their lifestyle and not so much with words.   The second is the fruit of the first.  A person who is spiritual will bear fruit.  They care for the poor, the hungry, and those who cannot speak for themselves.  And yet there is a giving that is even deeper...sacrificial giving. 


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