Hated and Wanted!

Jesus said, "Show me the stone that the builders did not want: that is the keystone."
Gospel of Thomas 66

The message of Jesus is countercultural.  Sadly much of Christianity has tamed his words.  Jesus does not put a lot of stock in tradition, traditional family values, consumerism, or religiosity with all that it entails.  He goes for the broken, the outcasts, and the ones that do not fit in with a good and normal society.  He rejects materialistic consumerism, and a worldview that reduces humanity to cattle.  He sees in us the very light and life of God. In all of us, from the best to the worst.  It is in this flesh, in our frailty that the Lord dwells.  And to truly let that light shine means that like Jesus we may be rejected, ridiculed and such.  To see with different eyes than the larger society is not always easy...but to see the light in the indiviuals is.  Take it one day at a time and with each person honor that of God within them


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