Ecclesial Thomasine Approaches and Monakos Thomasine Approaches

Looking at my previous post I was trying to explain the different approaches that people come to with the Gospel of Thomas.  Granted, the Gospel of Thomas (GoT) has something for everyone.  Gnostics love it, Christian Contemplatives/Mystics love it, and many others as well. But in my experience there are two type of approaches to the Gospel of Thomas.   The Ecclesial Thomasines would fit in with the mainstream church.  They may hold several if not all the same traditional beliefs of orthodox Christianity, but have a mystic bent which is why they follow the GoT.  The GoT does not mention the virgin birth, crucifixion, baptism, eucharist etc. one way or another.  So Ecclesial Thomasines can affirm the creed in good faith and still read the GoT as applicable to their life as a Christian.  They may not be entirely orthodox but they can fit in the church well enough to be active in it. 

The other type of Thomasine is what I am calling Monakos Thomasines.  Monakos means single or one.  They are more individualistic in their practice of the GoT.  They may have no relation to larger Christianity or the church.  This could include full blown Gnostics or proto-gnostic Thomasines.  The GoT is their only scripture, and any other writings are secondary or seen through the lens of the GoT.  They are almost like a monk living in the world, a type of spiritual hermit living and breathing the Gospel of Thomas.   They are silent on what the Gospel of Thomas is silent about, so issues such as the virgin birth, crucifixion, eucharist or baptism really does not apply to these Thomasines.

Neither of these are right or wrong from a Thomasine perspective.  Both are fine.  There can be much friendship, fellowship, or dialogue between them as they have so much in common as Thomasine brothers and sisters. 


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