Working for a Living

Jesus said, "How blessed is the person who has done the work and has found life."  Gospel of Thomas 58

The spiritual life, in my experience, is not always easy.  It does not always follow straight lines.  In fact, it is often messy.  The spiritual life is settling on a way of spiritual maturation and digging deep like digging a well.  The fresh water is found deep.  Somewhere between my Christian past and where I am now as a Thomasine, I started digging many wells.  I would explore this spirituality, that path, this religion.  But I never dug very deep.  There were insights to be gained to be sure, but the path was all about me and what I wanted, so no internal sacrifice nor peeling away the layers of the ego was done.  The spiritual life can be tough work.  It requires facing life unflintchingly.  Like an onion, layer after layer of the false self is laid aside.  I would venture a guess that it is a lifelong process.  It is quite an adventure!


  1. Your insight strikes a chord with me as I can attest that these 'shallow wells' exist within any human who dares to question anything at all within the religious constructs.

    Most people tend to cover their heads and duck within their shallow wells in fear. Hylics. Even the psychical people get bogged down from time to time until they force themselves up toward sunlight.

    Gnosticism in particular, forces us to peel back those layers and (gasp!) get RID of the indoctrination our minds have been saturated with over our lifetime.

    It is enlightening. Frightening. Loving. And never boring!!!

    I think you're right. It's a lifetime process. Our quest will only end when we finish our time here on earth.


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