Thomasine Questions, Gnostics and Proto-Gnostics

I have been having wonderful conversations with the founder of the Gospel of Thomas Association.  I posed a few questions to him asking for answers from a Thomasine perspective.  I have been contemplating them myself.   I will post more in a day or so.
With that we have been enjoying the discussion how scholars tend to dislike the term Gnostic as it lumps together many traditions that were not the same in early Christianity.  What they usually mean is demiurgical traditions.  The Thomasines not being a demiurgical tradition is called proto-gnostic, as it contains many of the seeds of Gnosticism but without the later things like the Demiurge, the fall of Sophia, etc.  With all these many belief-systems claiming to be Gnostic out there, from psychic Sylvia Browne's group, John Lash's incorporating aliens his gnosticism, to the Weorites it any wonder that people get confused by the word Gnostic.  But without a better word to unite those who look to the Nag Hammadi texts for inspiration, how would we find each other?


  1. hmm... consider the dilemma of the the Christians.

    It's not enough anymore to say that you are a Christian. You HAVE to say the denomination in order to be properly identified in the faith.

    I'd take the quirks of gnosticism any day over that. "I believe in FREEDOM!" That's my denomination in gnosis.

    I really hope that the same divides which we see in Christianity don't become realities in gnosticism. That would make me quite sad.

  2. I agree. I doubt that the Nag Hammadi Gnostics will become so divided as to become exclusive against each other. Those who are Gnostic in name only, practice a comnpletely different faith, that I would judge like any path, does it make you more loving, more compassionate etc.


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