Mamma, Those Aren't Carrots in that Garden!

Jesus said, "The kingdom of the Father is like a farmer who planted excellent seeds. His enemy came during the night and planted weeds among the good seed. The farmer didn't let his farmhands pull up the weeds, but said to them, 'No, otherwise you mightpull up the weeds and accidentally pull up the wheat along with them.' When the wheat is mature and ready to harvest, the weeds will be obvious, and can be pulled up and burned."  Gospel of Thomas 57

Wow!  This saying marks the halfway point in my commentary on the Gospel of Thomas.

The New Testament authors use this saying of Jesus to apply to people.  You are one of the are one of the damned...and the day of judgement will reveal that.  The Gospel of Thomas does not speak of the day of judgement nor of hell.  Rather this saying in the Gospel of Thomas, the way I interpret it, is speaking to an individual.  We are the field. The Farmer is the Divine who has put the spark of light from the Divine's own light within all of us.  The seed of God is planted in all of us.  It is up to us to cultivate it.  However, weeds have been planted in it as well.  Weeds of the ego, the need to be right, selfishness, hatred, envy, power over and such have sprung up next to it.  The farmhands, who are our friends and family tell us to just stop it.  But if we just start slashing the weeds down or pulling them up...we become focused on the negative.  I for one spent years guilt ridden in religious fundamentalism feeling I did not pray enough, fast enough, read the Bible enough, and I had all these other qualities I hated about myself.  But the farmer...God says wait...allow the wheat to mature.  Spiritual maturity allows one to set aside the weeds within us with much less violence.  Love can accomplish much more within us than fear or hatred of our faults.  Love changes people in ways force cannot. 


  1. That was very well said Fr.Jay. Good insight!

  2. Dear Father,

    As Gnostics, is it not also true that as we are the fullness of G-d in ourselves, that G-d also contains within h/her the seeds of ignorance and decay. To that end, we are not to pull out the weeds. YET. But when in each of us, it is time to harvest, we DO separate the wheat from chaff and throw the chaff into the everlasting fire.

    The wheat, we eat, plant, give away, grow again. I think it is important to see this as a continual process within each of us. We are called to become the fullness of G-d; to assist and participate as priests of G-d in the redemption of all creation and, indeed, as G-d is in all things, in the redemption of G-d as well.

    I get the feeling that the point of this parable is that it is not for the spiritually immature go to around willy nilly doing ANYTHING in the psyche. Rather, the child/student of the Xist/G-d must wait for the Master, for the fullness of time within h/herself to harvest and be the good farmer. We are called to go higher up and deeper in. Then, we can harvest.

    And besides, let's talk about that chaff, eh? What is it? What is 'bad see'd? Who is 'the enemy'? I think there is even more complex and subtle stuff going on here. G-d is in all and is all. Therefore, G-d is also szchiophrenic and plants one set of plans, and then also put in chaos. This is a holy mystery and not easily accepted. In the same way, we act with and against ourselves. On the hylic level, this is to be expunged.

    On the pneumatic level, this STILL goes on, but it is holy and perfect.

    Just my 3 cents.

    brother pete

  3. @Sister Shilo Thank you
    @Br. Pete, My personal approach really has evolved to focus on the Thomasine tradition, which seems to have a more traditional view of God. I have given up any beliefs in a demiurge or archons, or determinations of pneumatic, hylic, and psychic. They are not part of my belief system or framework of theology anymore to be honest. Hee hee.
    I believe the Gospel of Thomas' presentation of God is not one that is is flawed in any way. God is that light from which we sparks come from.
    However, I think that one may meditate on the Gospel of Thomas' sayings and have different interpretations. :)

  4. I wanted to add one more thought if I may, my thoughts are simply my own minute and flawed understandings. Please do not take any of my opinions on theology as my way or the highway. I love hearing the other viewpoints, and get excited when people take a moment out of their day to comment. Thank you both for sharing...please do not stop! Feel free to disagree!


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