Jesus Telling Secrets!

Jesus said, "I divulge my mysteries to those who are worthy of these mysteries. Gospel of Thomas 62

Have you ever had a powerful experience of some sort?  Perhaps a new relationship, a spiritual experience, or even awe at looking at the stars, and you knew you could not share it with certain people because they would not "grok" the experience or worse yet, may make fun of it?  Jesus has a teaching to share, but not everyone can bear it.  Unlike mainstream Christianity, Jesus' teaching is not for everyone (you find the same teaching in the New Testament gospels..they are just explained away).  Jesus is the guru that has known God so intimately, so profoundly that one cannot help but see God when one looks at him. His words become the loving guidance from God for those with ears to hear.  Jesus takes students then and now, and guides them through this life with all its joys and woes to the kingdom of God hidden within us and all around us.  Nothing less than full become his twin is enough for Jesus.  He wants dedicated students to become his become become what they are..sons and daughters of God just as he is a son of God also.  But this path is not for everyone.  This is not a statement of exclusion, as everyone is invited who will do the work.  But for others Jesus is not their way to God.  Perhaps it is through Krishna or some other realized saint.  Perhaps it is through nature or another image of God from the world's traditions.  To come through truth, means we are on the same path, we just have different decorations and names along the way.


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