Is the World A Dead Body?

Jesus said, "Whoever has known the world has discovered a carcass, a dead body, and whoever has discovered a carcass, of that person the world is not worthy."  Gospel of Thomas 56

When I read this saying the first time, I hated it.  It personified the dualist viewpoint present in some strands of Gnosticism that I hate..that the world is a prison, and not worth anything but to be escaped from.  However, I do not believe that this saying is rejecting the cosmos.  I do believe however that two things are being condemned by Jesus:  the corrupt systems of the world, and the view of the world apart from God. 

The world as the powers that be, then as now keep the poor in poverty, exploits others, preserves its own power, and degrades nature, peoples, and cultures in the name of its own progress.  This same power is found in fundamentalism that looks down on those who disagree as somehow less than human.  It happens in ones day to day job all the way up to world powers trying to one up the other.  This is emptiness.  What is a carcass but body empty of spirit.  These systems are empty apart from the spirit of God.  We are children of the light...we came from the light and will return to the light!   We are worthy of being treated with dignity!  We are ALL sons and daughters of God.  To fall into this worlds systems is to walk in ignorance, in error, in that we do not see people for who they truly are...that we cannot see the pleroma, the fullness of God in the kenoma, in the natural world. 

The other condemnation Jesus seems to be making is against an atheism that sees people as animals only, and that might equals right..the survival of the fittest.  I know not all atheists are like this, but there are some that I know personally that believe this. Some profess believing in God but acting in this way.  I believe Jesus is calling this view as an error. 

The vision that Jesus calls us to is a vision of the dignity of all people as living sparks of God.  That every stone that is lifted and every wood split would be seen as that of God in all things!  Light within light.  Amen!


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