Hey, You Are My Second Favorite!

Jesus said, "If anyone does not hate father and mother then they cannot be my disciple, and if a person does not hate sisters or brothers, and carry the cross as I do, won't be worthy of me." Gospel of Thomas 55

Becoming a student of Jesus is costly. His teaching is the way of life. To be his student is to follow his way, and is a marriage of sorts. This saying reminds me of the saying in Genesis -a man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife... Our love for the way Jesus teaches must be primary. The full revelation of gnosis does not come to the half-hearted. It is costly. One must lay down their ego, must realize that when the fullness is realized all other relationships are seen in the light of truth and compassion. The way of Jesus, the way of twinship is the way of letting go and being in the present moment, not in the way you were raised, not in the past, not in your habits and memories. It is here and now.


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