The Word and Wisdom

The Secret Gospel of John and several other texts mention the consort of Sophia, Holy Wisdom.  He is described in the Secret Gospel of John as Logos, word.  Logos, from which we get the word logic, is the consort of Sophia.   It is interesting that in the New Testament we find the Logos becoming flesh in Jesus, in a way that rings from the description of Holy Wisdom in the Hebrew Scriptures, with her making her tent among men.  Paul describes Jesus as the Sophia/Wisdom of God made flesh.  I do not think the Logos/Sophia are separate beings but are one.  There is wisdom, and wisdom expressed or spoken.  They are both wisdom.  There is Higher Wisdom, such as the value of compassion and lower wisdom...if I do this, then this will happen.  The Word and the Wisdom are one.  Jesus, and in my opinion many other great people, have been filled with the Logos and/or the Sophia.  I hear the words of Gandhi and hear the Logos/Sophia...the same with Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Dorothy Day.  They all filled with the Holy Spirit/Sophia, Our Mother....rebelled from this world's systems that says you are only worth something if you have money, possessions, come from the correct country, or have the correct skin color.  Sophia is a rebel.  She shines the light of truth, and challenges you to be filled with the Logos in its expression.


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