Lets Talk Dead People!

Jesus students said to him, "Twenty-four prophets have spoken in Israel, and it was you that that they talked about." He said to them, "You have thrown away the living one who is in with you here and now, and have spoken of the dead."   Gospel of Thomas 52

I love the story of the man who goes to the sage.  He tells the sage he wants to be her student.  The man tells of how he has spent years studying the writings, read the commentaries, practiced the required practices.  The sage offers the man some tea, and he accepts.  The sage begins to pour the tea but overfills it watching it overflow.  The man cries out, "Stop!  Stop!  The cup is full!"   The sage whispered, "So too with you, how can I fill your cup when it is already full of yourself."

How easy it is to cling to things that are good!  For example, the scripture that is primary in my life is the Gospel of Thomas.  But it is not gnosis itself.  It is a finger pointing at the moon.  How sad is it that there are those of all paths that look only to the finger and never at the moon. Take time to bask in the fullness, experience the oneness while it is present.


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