Did We Ever Leave?

The story of Sophia is one of a fall...a descent.  She created something outside the Fullness (Pleroma).  Yet Sophia means Wisdom.  I cannot imagine, Wisdom, a facet of the divine essence making a mistake.  Was it all part of the hidden wisdom of the Monad?  What if the temporal exists simply as a blanket to the eternal.  What if God is hidden in everything?  What if we are simply God coming to know him/her/itself?  I don't think Sophia's actions were a mistake....but rather a myth telling of her descent from the timeless into the temporal.  Like a loving Earth Goddess, her seeds are planted within everything.  She whispers to us, "Wake up!"  Will we blossom into the fullness or simply cling to the temporal.  Will we "see eternity in a grain of sand"?

All praise Sophia, Queen of Wisdom!
All praise the black Madonna, her skin the color of the richness of the fertile soil!
She who descends and ascends again!
Awaken us to the living gnosis of who we are and where we come from.
Allow us the gnosis to see where we can be!
She who leads us to where we never left, Queen of Mysteries...All Praise!


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