Our Lady of Peace

I am back to my birthplace, my hometown where I was born and raised, visiting my parents.  Part of our ritual when I come back to visit is to go to the graves of our family members who have died-grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.  When I go out there, it is so quiet.  The cemetery is out in the country and exudes a holy peace with a warm wind constantly blowing.  I felt her here today too.  She is Our Lady of Peace.  She stands silent but ready to receive the dying and dead in her arms.  I am getting older and know that someday I will die.  I realize that my parents are in the declining years of their lives.  I pray that when we die Our Lady of Death, Our Lady of Peace....the black Madonna-will receive us and we shall receive her rest.  Like sparks falling back into the fire, may we be united with the Divine.

Last night, I dreamed of my grandmother who passed.  She had written me a letter, affirming the path I am on and to keep on the path of Wisdom.  Today when I went to visit my dad for our cemetery trip, he told me tomorrow marks 7 years to the day of her passing.


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