Her Shining Radiance

Tonight, I went out under the full moon, and just enjoyed basking in Her presence.  The cycles of the moon speak to me of different aspects of Our Lady of Silence.  The waxing moon reminds me of Barbelo, the containment of all possibilities that emanate from her.  The full moon reminds me of Sophia, who shines so brightly and proudly.  She reveals what is hidden in the darkness.  The waning moon is the Black Madonna....the Mother who is not wholly tame.  She will not be domesticated by our customs.  She is the fierce Mother who will rip away anything that threatens her children even if it is our own ego and pride.  Finally, with the dark moon she is Santisima Muerte...holy death.  She is the one we came from, and no matter how we try to stop it, to whom we return to.  She is the silent unknown...moving back into the unmanifest Monad only to emerge back into Barbelo of potentialities.


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