Diocesan Monk of Our Lady of Silence

Tonight I performed a private ritual/liturgy consecrating my life to Her who has won my heart. I have felt Her presence at key point in my life in powerful ways, that leave me humbled. At my ordination and the private ritual afterward with the Bishop, Her presence has not left me. I want with all my heart to serve Her as her monk, her friar, and a priest consecrated to Her. I am not much of a crier, but I did cry during this ritual. My heart was so moved, my vows so sincere...my heart pounding with a bit of nervousness and fear. Bishop Mani has been so kind to accept these as my vows as a diocesan hermit/solitary monk. I include both monk and friar in here, as my life has very monastic feel with long periods of silence and solitary living. (I see my spouse on weekends due to our opposite works schedules.) But in my work, it is very much a ministry and in the world, which is a service to her as a friar. It is an active/contemplative balance.

Ritual of Consecration to Our Lady of Silence

Light the candle and intone:

Our Lady of Silence, You who are the spark than enlivens all the world of forms. I light this candle as a symbol of the spark returning to the flame, where there is only union.

Light the Incense and waft smoke to images.

May my prayers and heart be lifted to You as incense. Just as it has been offered to You in ages past.

Offerings of food, water, or flowers may be offered:

All thing proceed from you and return to you, like a drop of rain flowing back to the sea.


You are Barbelo who dwells in sacred silence...the Black Madonna hidden from our understanding. You are the reflection of the Unnameable. You are Sophia, the one who descends into the darkness and brings all back again. You are Zoe, life in life. You are Santisima Muerte, Holy Death to welcome us at the end. You are every Goddess named and unamed. You of a thousand names and faces. You are the Dark One...the thick rich soil that hides the secret of divinity. You are the Untamed, who breaks the pot only to put it back together again. You are the maiden, untamed and willing to take chances. You are the Mother who holds all Her children in Her loving embrace. You are the Crone, waiting for us at every ending. You are Wisdom with the Word that fills all who would hear Your invitation to know who we are, where we come from and where we will go again. You are the wheel of life, death, rebirth, and freedom from the wheel. I come to you this day and consecrate my life to You. I take You as my mother, my friend, and my guide. I will not presume to know Your mind. I offer my priesthood to You. I offer my life to You. I vow this day to serve You as her monk, her friar, and her priest, dedicating the rest of my days into Your service. Please hear my promises and the vows I make to You. I vow to live in simplicity, a poverty of not clinging to material possessions which cannot satisfy. I vow to live chastely with my spouse, that I might learn to love You with that same single hearted devotion. I vow obedience to Your will, and ask Your grace to be brave enough to always do it. I promise to live by Your five sacred virtues of honesty, integrity, compassion, discipline, and wisdom. Hear my words, Sweet Mother. By Your grace, hear me, your monk, your friar, your priest. Amen.


  1. I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Words cannot express the depth of feeling as my heart leaps across the aether to be with you. Bless you! Bless you! Bless you!


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