Who Is that Hottie Standing By Herself?

"Jesus said, 'How blessed are the ones who stand all alone and elect, for you will realize the kingdom. For you are from the kingdom, and to it you shall return.'"  Gospel of Thomas 49

I read this and immediately a warning flag goes up.  The word "elect" brings up baggage from my fundamentalist past.  I realize it and move on.  It is not for me to judge the word but to simply meditate on the passage.  My first question is, "What does it mean for me to stand alone?"  Must I shun all relationships with others?  I do not think so.  In my understanding of this verse, I look on this as being without attachments.  To use another logion of this same gospel..."Be passerby"  Allow our emotions, thoughts, feelings, filters to do what they do, watch it but cling to none of it.  Without the suitcases of our dramas and all the things and ideas we cling to, we truly stand alone.  Standing alone we are the elect.  Not chosen by anything outside us, but by who we are.  We are sparks of the Fire of the Divine within all things.  We share the same nature as our source.  There is no separation but only Oneness!


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