The "G" Word

I know in our church, we have discussed the use of the word "Gnostic".  Many scholars point out those called "Gnostics" by people today were a very diverse group often with very little in common.  As a church we value the Nag Hammadi writings.  However, we are not trying to reconstruct everything those historical groups (who wrote and compiled the Nag Hammadi) believed or did.  In that way we are thoroughly modern.  Yet one of our primary studies is with the Sethians.  Also,our church engages other faith traditions.  They may even incorporate them in our services/rituals/liturgies.  We have various schools that represent modern or historical traditions.  Through these schools we engage other faiths, writings, or thinking about our own understanding of gnosis. 
So what would be the best way to describe us?  Modern Gnostic? Modern Sethian?  For me I might be inclined to Modern Gnostic. 


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